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We Provide Pre and Post Hire Screening Services

Criminal Background Services

Our team conducts in-depth criminal history searches, providing detailed reports that encompass various jurisdictions and databases.

Financial Background Services

Our thorough investigations delve into an individual's financial history, providing comprehensive reports encompassing credit histories, bankruptcies, liens, & more.

Identity Services

Our specialized services ensure the authenticity and verification of an individual's identity, reducing the risk of identity theft, fraud and any criminal involvement.

Verification Services

We verify and authenticate information related to an individual's criminal record, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Compliance Services

We assist in ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines concerning background screening processes.

Drug & Health Screening Services

Our meticulous drug screening services comply with industry standards, providing accurate results for a substance-free workplace environment.


Benefits Services

Our commitment to excellence, confidentiality, and compliance with industry regulations ensures that our clients receive the highest caliber of services. We take pride in offering a wide spectrum of services tailored to meet various needs:

  1. Identifying Qualified Candidates: Screening services help in identifying candidates whose qualifications and experience align with the job requirements, saving time in the selection process by focusing on qualified individuals.

  2. Risk Mitigation: Conducting background checks and verifications mitigates the risk of hiring individuals with false credentials, a history of misconduct, or behaviors that could pose risks to the organization.

  3. Enhanced Hiring Quality: By evaluating candidates’ backgrounds, organizations can make more informed decisions, potentially leading to higher-quality hires who are better suited for the role and the company culture.

  4. Compliance with Regulations: Pre-hire screenings ensure compliance with industry regulations and legal requirements, minimizing legal risks associated with negligent hiring.

  5. Maintaining Reputation: Avoiding hiring mishaps such as incidents of fraud or misconduct protects the organization’s reputation and credibility in the industry.

  1. Continued Compliance: Post-hire screenings ensure that employees continue to meet the organization’s standards and industry regulations throughout their tenure, ensuring ongoing compliance.

  2. Risk Management: Regular re-evaluation of employees’ backgrounds and credentials helps in identifying potential risks that might arise during their employment.

  3. Internal Promotions or Transfers: Screening services for internal movements within the organization ensure that candidates meet the required criteria for new roles or promotions, maintaining consistency in hiring standards.

  4. Maintaining a Safe Work Environment: Regular checks and screenings contribute to maintaining a safe and secure work environment, fostering trust and confidence among employees.

  5. Retention and Performance: Post-hire screenings can also positively impact retention rates and performance by ensuring that employees maintain the expected standards throughout their tenure.

By integrating pre and post-hire screening services into their hiring processes, organizations can significantly reduce risks associated with hiring, make better-informed decisions, and maintain a safe and compliant work environment, ultimately contributing to the overall success and stability of the company.


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